She said yes!

In my last post I left you as I was eagerly waiting for a reply from my first choice of mentor. Well she said yes! I’m going to have a chance to work with Julia Stiles – Editor Extraordinaire! She has a very impressive bio (more on that later) and I’m honoured that she is interested in my project (although she has only read 10 pages so the other 300 odd might be pants). As I was lounging around in Eagle Bay last week I haven’t had the chance to have a chat with her yet but I am looking forward to that later this week.

Eagle Bay

My holiday wasn’t completely unproductive. A day stuck at the house with a sick child who slept a lot resulted in a longish stretch of writing time. I also familiarised myself with the world of Twitter, sent some tweets and felt like a bit of a tw*t to begin with but I  think I’m getting the hang of it now. The WordPress genius of the household did a brilliant job of setting up my website and making it oh so simple for me to use. I did comment of the lack of pretty pictures (not his priority apparently) so I will endeavour to do something about making the surrounding white space more aesthetically pleasing soon I promise.

I also wanted to fill you in on a course I attended the other weekend and the wonderful people I met but I didn’t want to overload you so there’s your teaser for my next blog post… are you still awake?!

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